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You will soon be able to order our fudges and garlands online  or buy direct from a London based shop  from February 2019

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You sure to want to follow us through Kent and Sussex because we take you to some magical places where you can enjoy the best events - music, fun, children's activities, crafts, and delicious food, fudge, confectionery and drinks!

Customers love the new fudges - chocolate orange, strawberry and cream, and smarties; and enjoy tasting several before choosing.  Children love the pick and mix and go away with hands full.

Plus, the handcrafted jewellery and East of India ribbon are irresistable to the eye of discerning customers who can't resist owning something special and pretty.

This year, The Sweetest Thing is aiming to visit you all again. With over eight years trading experience under our belts, we feel we know what you want! But we are always aiming to exceed our customer's expectations and so with further research, we will try and offer the fudge and sweets you love, along with some new charmers.

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Check out our beauty page for some amazing offers and tips.  Or how about saving some money to spend on those things you really want?

We've also researched the best free training sites and resources because we like to give value for money and like pleasing you.

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If you would like us to attend your event, contact us at enquiries@thesweetthing.co.uk.

If you are dying for your favourite follow us on Twitter @sweetthingshop where you can find out all our news and ideas.