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General training on just about everything, free! want to spruce up your skills or learn new ones for free - try out this fantastic site to find out what you want to improve! So many courses to choose from.  Also, get certificates for a small cost to evidence your achievements.

Social media and Microsoft Office free training - Another fantastic FREE site for Microsoft Office training (all versions including 2010) Plus get to know your iPhone or iPad or app land. Find out about Twitter or Facebook.      Fabulous videos explain it all!! - Switched off by lots of words??    Inpics is for you - another brilliant free Microsoft Office training site based on visual pictures.  You see what you do.  Now you're free to learn without getting tangled up in words.

Microsoft Office and other free training manuals

Free Microsoft Office training manuals - Yes FREE!  Clink on the links below and scroll down the pages to download your much needed training manuals or quick reference guides and get started, today!

Best STL Microsoft Office graded  training manuals

 Need more than freebie training - want teaching to be more interactive for you or your company?                               Check out these great sites and contact them for course content and costs 

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