Craft Ideas to inspire!

There are lots of craft ideas out there to inspire your imagination - even if you have never tried crafts before - now you can explore the limitless library of the web for your ideal project.

Love to make?

The Sweetest Thing is interested in helping you to get started and there's no better place than a ideas board of lots of samples to get you going.

In the spotlight ...

There are always lots of sites to discover on twitter - twitter is an online virtual library of ideas brought to you by your own  interests.  If you love sewing and want to improve your skills - we came across this gem - where you can get tips and advice from experts, learn to pattern cut, or tweek some of your skills that have become rusty - so try it out at:

inseams studios


Visit the gorgeous pages of Pinterest and feast your eyes over a wealth of craft and arts ideas - and who knows, you could be the next big name in a beautiful new creative medium.

PINTEREST - probably the most creative inspiration on the web - what do you think?