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 The Sweetest Thing bringing you money saving tips!

It's amazing how small changes to our lifestyle can save us money.  The Sweetest Thing would like to help you put more money back into your pocket, especially if you are struggling with debt.  Get debt free by our debt ridding tips!

For extra money saving tips - check out these 50 ways to save money (posted February 2018)

Tip of the day

Every week The Sweetest Thing will share with you our favourite money saving tips. 

This week, deal with debt head on - choose the best rates from these debt busting credit card offers. (posted February 2018)


Found yourself in a bit of a hole - working for nothing because all your spare money's spent paying off credit card interest - take heart and take control TODAY!

If you still just about covering your outgoings - or your extending what you owe by a small amount - you CAN start making ground:

Check out Money Saving Expert's spotlight on these special debt busting credit card transfer rates 0% for 31 months. (posted February 2018)

IT'S YOUR MONEY - SO HOLD ON TO IT!  Take time to apply for a transfer and reduce your outgoings whilst paying off that heavy debt.

Make money MAKE MONEY

Yes - it's true - simply having money can make money.  However short the time you have to hold on to your money, you can start to earn.  We agree with Irene Cara when she sings, 'What a feeling!' 

The best two current accounts for ongoing interest rates

The Santander 123 account (especially if you have a Santander Mortgage) - Tiered savings interest (depending on balance - interest earning limit £20,000) up to 1.5% - plus cashback on Santander mortgage and bills paid by direct debit.

The Club Lloyds account - Tiered savings interest rate (depending on balance - interest earning limit £5,000) up to 1.5% - plus lifestyle benefits, such as a 12 month magazine subscription.

With these two accounts there are tie-ins but once you've got through the application process and set them up - you can sit back and relax. 

What's great is - as interest is paid daily - you'll soon see cash being added to your account!  And with  Club Lloyds you can enjoy that leisure lifestyle bonus.

You can also apply online - making opening an account easier than ever.

Check out all the details of these two amazing offers and other great offers at Money Saving Expert  What does it take?  Just time  -  your free time - to apply and set it all up!  You can get £200 from HSBC or £125 from Halifax for just switching (note - this is a one off payment) - so what's stopping YOU!!! (posted February 2018)

TIP - Open one account at a time to save confusion as lots of emails and paperwork will arrive!

Collect points from Boots Advantage Card and get instore products for free - or save them up for Christmas for those extra large purchases - Boots are always adding extra value to their offers to save even more

You always have to shop for those boring products like toothpaste, shampoo and soap.  Find out how you can transform your boring trips into an a money saving spinner. 

Ladies (and fellas - get it for your gal) visit our beauty page for more info, such as how to sign up for the Advantage Card - and see one of the five star rated lipsticks you can get for free. 

Boots Advantage Card will give you advantages if you take the time out to use it.

Joining Boot's contact lens scheme adds even more benefit - you'll get glasses  (including sunglasses) half price and a 10% voucher to use off Boots branded items - great for regular purchases - and at Christmas when purchasing those endless presents!

EBAY HEAVEN - take out time to sign up for ebay and start selling some of those treasures around the house. 

  • It's easy - go for a simple template and save it for using next time - ask a friend to help you - or use ebay's guide to setting up your ebay site.  Also, watch this youtube video for a simple visual guide.
  • Choose a time when most people will be looking at ebay. Check out MoneySavingExpert Forum (posted February 2018) .  We recommend ending between 6 and 8 pm in the evening when people have finished work and eaten their tea and are in a browsing mood. 
  • Don't list too many similar items or you will be splitting the bids - what you want is a bidding war to drive the bids up, up, up.
  • For listing tips, browse other people's listings - you can copy their style and find out postage costs
  • Most, most, most important - make sure you take a really good photograph using plenty of light and capturing your items best details.
  • Don't sell rubbish, you need to have a good rating!


Most of the time our biggest hurdle in tackling a mounting DEBT problem is feeling isolated and alone, as well as  guilt that we've let those we love down.  Don't be alone in your problem - find someone to talk to and get advice from - talk to a debt advisor - they want to help you get out of the black hole you're in.

It's better to put the brakes on sooner rather than later.  Most people helped by debt advisors wish they had got started sooner - they could've saved themselves a lot of worry.

Our quote for today is 'If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.'

Be brave, have courage, take responsibility for your future, your GOOD and PROMISING future, and do something different today.


Money Supermarket lists both debt services that charge and those that are free.  Browse their pages for help - do try the FREE services FIRST, or talk confidentially to someone at your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).  They also have a leaflet to help you get started.

Talking to someone independent of your life is the first step to turning your life around.  Do it today.

Here are our top tips for getting started on your making money - getting out of debt journey!

We know someone who has saved up over £100,000 from these life changing habits:


Whatever your situation, getting out of debt is always the first way to save money -  because owing money means your paying out when you don't have to.

Being in debt is like having a pack of hungry rottweilers snapping at your heels.  You want to get them firmly in the kennel and keep them there.

Help is out there - you need to keep calm and believe you can solve it.

The first step in getting out of debt is to know how to. 

Watch 'Money management - how can I get rid of my debt'     and make a commitment to take the steps shown and turn your life around (March 2013).


Don't overlook the smallest change - for instance, save pounds on liquid soap by buying a stylish dispenser - each squeeze will save you money because you can eek out just the right amount.


Keep away from temptation - Yes STAY AWAY from the places that make you throw away money. Plus, leave your cards at home - you won't spend a penny. As our star saver boasts - then you can save one hundred per cent!!!


Start living the good life - learn to be disciplined with your money - take time out to work out a budget and stick to it.  Your money will grow and grow and grow.


Use what you have - don't go buying anything new - sort out your cupboards and drawers and make do. In one week you could save pounds!


For bigger items you need - borrow - truth is, we might only use that carpet cleaner or extending ladder once a year.  Give your neighbour, friend, or relative the feel good factor through helping you out and top it up with a small gift.


Recycle - yes, don't throw it away: make it into something useful and you won't have to spend a penny.  Best recycle is clothes - try new combinations, reorganise into colours, outfits or contrasting textures.  You'll be surprised how many clothes you find that you haven't worn, and how many new looks you can come up with by persisting.


Sounds strange doesn't it - but having money and investing it makes more money - it's obvious - but lots of people don't and they never make money just by putting it in the right place.  Don't know where to start?  There's plenty of sites giving free advice.  Start with a safe bet like Scottish Friendly.

Also, learn about the top 10 ways to invest (posted February 2018). Whatever your situation, getting out of debt is always the first way to save money - it's listed in the top ten - because owing money means your paying out when you don't have to.

Find a container to put all your savings into.  You will be amazed how lots of little amounts soon add up to a considerable sum.  Happy saving!

Whatever you save - reinvest - and without doing anything, your money will grow - keep reinvesting and you will be on your way to that £100,000!!!

One of our favourite ideas of getting out of debt is the 'Snowball Method.' How to say goodbye to your debt by rolling it up.

"Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship."   Benjamin Franklin