Pirates Day The Stade - Old Town Hastings

July 2019

The Sweetest Thing Pirates Day on the Stade  Family funfilled extravaganza - Not to be missed - With all your  favourite delicious fudges and sweets - the  prettiest headgarlands -  and  handcrafted  jewellery and select sterling silver adornment -  A day out  to enjoy  and  remember !!!


Fun, fun, fun for all the family - and more!

Come on down to the Stade this for Pirates Weekend and anjoy live music and dance, games, costumes and an array of market stalls selling lots of delicious food, drink and sweet treats.

Come and be amazed by the simply out of this world costumes and more Jack Sparrows than a pirate ship can hold.

Market and craft stalls

Aaargh shipmates there's plenty of treasure to be had - Find yourself a booty of of treats -  support local pirates bringing you the best of their wares.  Bag yourself a bargain today.

Fudge fiesta

Ahoy there - if you love handmade fudge that is irresistible and amazing quality in a gorgeous range of fudge flavours - you are in for a treat.  Our scrumptious stall will be there bringing your favourite fudges - Baileys, Creamy Vanilla, Chocolate Orange, Coffee and Cream, Caramel, Maple and Walnut Syrup, Rum and Raisin, Crumbley tablet, Afterdinner Mint, Ginger and, of course, that old time favourite - Coconut Ice, which has been flying off the shelf bringing back fond memories. 

Plus new flavour - Salted Caramel - mmmm is the buzz word around our stall.  Hurry, hurry, supplies of this gorgeous fudge is limited.  Plus extra special Smarties for those little sticky fingers to lick and enjoy.

The pick n mix continues to be a favourite - with a cupful of charm.  We've restocked JUST FOR YOU! Make it worth our day and come and get your favourite sweets from our delightful sweet selection.

Do be seriously tempted and try them!


Garlands and jewellery

And if that wasn't enough to break down your resistance, beautiful charm bracelets, and those made with semi-precious stones, drop earrings and gorgeous headgarlands bring a bright smile to a happy customer.  Last year, shoppers couldn't resist finding those last minute gifts and headed off with armfuls of bags and a big smile. 

This year, we are surprising you again with some supersaver sterling silver smashers with semiprecious stones.

Hurry, hurry - don't miss out!

And of course, there's all the local charm of being in the Old Town Hastings with its atmospheric seaside experiences.  And it's by the sea - the beautiful sea - dip in for a last frolic in the summer sun.

We're sweet on all our customers - they make the world of fudge and sweets go round!!!